Company History

A Tradition of Innovation & Service

The Joe Piper Inc. Story


In 1968, Joe Piper looked at a pile of off spec milk carton stock and saw something no one else could see.

Joe had recently been asked by a garment company to find a suitable material to protect trousers from getting creased and damaged on hangers. When Joe later visited a mill supplier and found all that unused milk carton stock, he connected the dots and an industry was born.

After selling his first truckload of job lot paperboard to the garment company, Joe purchased more rejected board, warehoused it, and sold it under his own name.

Joe’s instinct—that the market was hungry for this product—proved correct. What had previously sat in mills, factories and warehouses unused now helped businesses grow and thrive.


An Industry Leader Emerges

It didn’t take long for Joe’s original vision to take off. By 1973, Joe Piper Inc. was the leading distributor of job lot paperboard in America. As inventory grew, orders soared, and soon the company invested in its own warehouses and converting facilities. Today, we operate out of a 750,000 square foot warehouse in Birmingham, Alabama, and supply quality bleached and unbleached job lot paperboard to customers worldwide.

Passing the Torch

After building a thriving company from a single idea, Joe passed the torch to his daughter, Ann, who is now president and CEO of Joe Piper Inc.

We are proud to be one of the largest female-owned businesses in the United States. With Ann at the helm, we are prepared to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our valued customers.

After nearly 50 years in business, job lot paperboard is still our passion and our purpose. Ann and our entire team renew our tradition of innovation and our commitment to a high standard of customer service.

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