Tons & Tons of Paperboard


It’s simple:  if you need a virgin paperboard grade, then Joe Piper Inc. has it.

No matter what your end use is – from folding cartons to outdoor signs, from paper plates to book covers, Piper’s extensive inventory offers a wide selection of many grades of bleached and unbleached paperboard including:

  • SBS Clay Coated 1 side  .010 -.028
  • SBS Clay Coated 2 side  .010 - .024
  • SBS Uncoated .010 - .024
  • Ovenable .015 - .026
  • Cup Poly 1 and Poly 2 Side  .010  - .020
  • Milk Carton Poly 2 Side  .015 - .026
  • Coated Unbleached Kraft .010 - .030

Our knowledgeable, veteran sales staff will provide you with quick response to your questions.  In addition, their many years of expertise make them a valuable information resource about the properties and applications of many grades of our products.

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