Serves California, Illinois, British Columbia

Bill graduated from Auburn University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. Along with leaving Auburn with a degree, Bill also carried an additional forty pounds. Participating in intramural sports during his college years did not help offset his college lifestyle habits.

Bill went to work for Natchez Steel Corporation in June of 1982 in Bessemer, Alabama.  After taking this job, Bill made the decision to shed some of those college pounds by joining the Bessemer YMCA. There he met Ann Piper, who invited him to interview for a sales job with her dad’s company.

Bill met his wife Lynn at Joe Piper, Inc. His children, William III and Madelon, grew up playing hide and seek with many Piper employees during their afternoon visits to the office.

Bill has three grandchildren: Ruth, Marcy and William IV. His weekends are spent being Granddaddy.

Bill served on many committees of the Pacific Coast Paperbox Manufacturer’s Association as well was being its President in 2008. That same year, the PCPBMA merged with the Paperboard Packaging Council.

Bill is a fitness enthusiast who likes the results from running about twenty-five miles a week. He also enjoys water activities, cycling, and wishes to be a better golfer one day.

Ask Bill about: the date October 4, 1944 and my love for travel.