Serves North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska

Marianne joined Joe Piper Inc in 1994 as a temporary worker.  Twenty-three years later she is happy it worked out!

Marianne’s first job at Piper was working as a liaison between the sales teams and our sheeting and rewinding operation, helping make sure the orders were correct.  She went on to work in both inside sales and outside sales.   Currently she is working inside sales and really enjoys talking to her customers about their paperboard needs and keeping up with their activities and families outside the office.

The best thing about working at Joe Piper has been the camaraderie of all the employees and feeling that we are a Joe Piper family.

Marianne has two children and is a proud Grandma.

Ask Marianne about: fiddling on The Devil Went Down to Georgia.